Top of the class!

Top of the class!

I’m busy training as a personal trainer, studying hard with Future Fit. The e-learning course is really interesting –  in fact there’s a mind-boggling amount of detail to cover and whoever told me Future Fit was the most thorough course I could do wasn’t joking.

At the weekend I joined seven others for a two-day course that involved plenty of workshops and practical sessions in the gym. Firstly we had the dreaded Anatomy and Physiology exam to sit. I was a bag of nerves and the night before was up until 2am freaking about the exam. I’ve only passed two written exams in my life. First time was my sergeant’s exam whilst serving in the British Army and the second time was my Level 2 Gym Instructors exam about four years ago.

Future Fit had prepared me well and I done quite a few mocks to get the feel for what was expected. I must be honest and say there was an element of crash learning involved as my schedule had been so hectic and my shoulder injury put me out of sorts for a few weeks too. But the e-learning is brilliant – it fits around your schedule and you study when you can.

Future Fit Class

Looking around the room I wasn’t the only one feeling nervous: several others were looking a bit worried too! I was part of a dynamic team comprising Jak PhillipsGeraldine Tuck and Steve Wardfrom ukactiveAmy Hopkinsonand Amelia Jones from Women’s Health and Men’s Fitness freelancer Sam Rider. Plus, what a treat, the amazing Henry Cookey, a Team GB Taekwondo champ who, I’m delighted to say, is also a mentor for my Dame Kelly Holmes’ Trust and works with teenagers to boost their self-esteem, discipline and work prospects.

Anyway, we needn’t have worried. Everyone passed. Incredibly, I came top of the class with 95%! I nearly cried when I got the result. 95-flipping-%! Me! I thought our instructor Paul had given me the wrong one. But no, I smashed it and was not just top student of the weekend but in the top 10% of highest marks for Future Fit ever. Boom! Proud!

Kellys Exam Paper

After that we all got stuck in with the workshops and practical gym instruction. The group had worked together for their Level 2 and had a good synergy. They made me very welcome and I contributed as much as I could: it felt great training in a group – something I haven’t done for a while.

My next challenge is to create a programming journey for my ‘client’: I have six weeks to train up one person for my practical assessment in May. My guinea pig is my PA Andrea. I am not sure she knows what she has let herself in for but I know I can help her achieve her goals and I’m excited to be getting underway.

Training to be a trainer is amazing: it’s bringing back some awesome memories of my time as a Physical Training Instructor (PTI) in the Army and I’m excited to think I’ll soon be able to train other people once again, encourage them and help them realise their goals and potential.

Right, off to start planning Session 1 for Andrea. I’ll be gentle. Maybe….