Best of British luck to Brighton Marathon Runners!

Best of British luck to Brighton Marathon Runners!

To all of you running the Brighton Marathon this weekend I wish you the very best of luck. To those seasoned sea side marathon finishers, you’ll know what to expect from this great event. For you first-time marathon runners, I send you special good wishes and a few tips that I found helpful when I ran my first marathon last year.

  • Don’t change anything now, the work has been done!
  • Don’t forget your kit and music
  • Don’t change your eating and hydration habits or your warm up routines on the day
  • Relax today, stretch and hydrate well through the night
  • Make sure you are not stressed about where others will be: concentrate on yourself and let them do all the worrying
  • Do last minute logistic checks on where you are going and where and when your start is
  • Don’t forget your number and tags if you have them – and extra safety pins.
  • Take some loo paper – could be essential for the portaloos at the start!
  • Smile and enjoy what you can

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