Kelly launches her new podcast What Do I Do? Mental Health and Me

Having experienced my own difficulties with depression and self-harm, in What Do I Do? Mental Health and Me, I set out to discover how other people cope, talking to TV personalities, writers, comedians, journalists and more about their mental health.

Guests include: TV presenter Davina McCall; journalists Jon Ronson and Alastair Campbell; author Philip Pullman; comedians Catherine Bohart, Eddie Izzard, Felicity Ward and Rory Bremner; transgender rights activist Munroe Bergdorf; musician Amanda Palmer; and mental health experts Dr David Crepaz-Keay and Owen O’Kane.

Deeply personal and supportive, in What Do I Do? Mental Health and Me, I join each guest in a place that makes them feel good; from a spin class with Davina McCall, to baking with Catherine Bohart, to playing the bagpipes in Alastair Campbell’s bathroom.

What Do I Do? Mental Health and Me offers listeners an honest and relatable insight into how some the UK’s best-known celebrities have coped with mental health difficulties, from OCD to insomnia, addiction to grief, and depression to anxiety. Each episode concludes with an expert insight from a mental health professional, with information on when and how to seek professional help.

You can get the podcast over at Audible.

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